The UMOpt team, with members from the Engineering School of the University of Minho and from the University of São Paulo, is dedicated to developing and implementing optimization models and methods (e.g. mathematical programming and meta-heuristics). It also specified and is currently implementing the pyO3F prototype. This prototype includes processing data from the landscape, integrating fire behavior models, and interfacing with GIS.

Abdur Rais

Ana Maria A. C. Rocha

André Bergsten Mendes

David Neto (grantee)

Eduardo Cunha (grantee)

Emanuel Vieira (grantee)

Filipe Alvelos (PI)

Lino Costa

Marco Marto (PosDoc grantee)

Mariana Matos


The team from the School of Agriculture, University of Lisbon, is dedicated to forest management.

Isabel Martins (co-PI)

Mariana Dias (grantee)

Susete Marques


The UMFire team, from the School of Engineering of University of Minho, is dedicated to fire behavior models.

Inês Henriques Gonçalves (grantee)

João Luís Prado Marques (grantee)

João Pedro Vasconcelos Silva

José Carlos Fernandes Teixeira

Senhorinha de Fátima Capela Fortunas Teixeira


The UMGeo team, from the Department of Geography of the University of Minho, is dedicated to characterizing the landscape and studyingactual wildfires.

António Avelino Batista Vieira

António José Bento Gonçalves

Sarah Moura dos Santos (PosDoc grantee)


The team from the University of Aveiro, is dedicated to modeling fire spread uncertainty.

UA - From the University of Aveiro dedicated to simulation and statistics.

Ana Raquel Xambre

Catarina Santos (grantee)

Francisco Marques (grantee)

Helena Alvelos

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